October 12 roundup

  • Representing Prof. Michael Krauss, Ted Frank will file objection to Classmates.com class action settlement [CCAF]
  • Not without condescension, Harvard historian/New Yorker writer Jill Lepore asks why Woodrow Wilson’s so disliked these days; Radley Balko offers some help [The Agitator, NYT “Room for Debate”]
  • China needs true private property rights, according to Charter 08 document, which helped Liu Xiaobo win Nobel Peace Prize [Tyler Cowen]
  • Axelrod “foreign funders under every rug” demagogy might be turned against his own allies [Stoll; New York Times refutes earlier Obama talking point; Atlantic Wire; Sullum]
  • R.I.P. influential class actions and mass torts scholar Richard Nagareda [Vanderbilt Law School]
  • “Web Seminar Makes Case for Patent Troll Lawsuit Targets to Fight Back” [Washington Legal Foundation Legal Pulse]
  • Contrary to WSJ report, if Congressional staffers are profiting in stock trades by way of insider knowledge, they probably do face some risk of legal liability [Bainbridge; a not entirely unrelated inside-trading controversy]
  • Underpublicized: “California’s Proposed ‘Green Chemistry’ Regulations Move Forward” [Wajert]


  • As much as Tea Partyers want to make villains of all intellectuals, this nation is rapidly becoming so dumb that I would welcome more intellectuals into the political discussion.

  • I wonder if Joe means Senator Amy Klobuchar who gave us CPSIA? She is highly regarded. And of course Mrs. Clinton, who did well in school and as a lawyer but is dumb as a turnip.

    I don’t know why I like Mrs. Clinton, but I do. President Obama, who I like too, was a teacher of Constitutional Law, and an intellectual by that standard. But he does not understand law at all.

    Dick Army used to teach economics and now speaks for the tea party movement wants to make Social Security voluntary. It is well known that reserves for Social Security as a private plan would exceed the total value of the United States. In other words a private Social Security is impossible as a matter of arithmetic..

    Maybe really dumb people might do better. O yes, George W. Bush.

    Thank goodness the miners are coming out of their mine in Chile. Otherwise I would be quite depressed.