October 18 roundup


  • Re: Bucks County

    I never lock my car. Granted, it’s an ugly old Camry and not likely to be stolen — but I’d hate to have my window broken by a theif looking for something valuable inside… Help yourself, take a look around. Nothing here but a pile of empty Mt. Dew bottles…

  • I agree with Marty. I don’t lock my car either, or lock the glove box, or leave anything of value in the passenger compartment or trunk — and, I don’t want some dumb punk breaking a window to learn that.

  • You’d be shocked what a thief will steal. A few years ago, I left my car unlocked, never leave any valuables in it anyway, but they stole the 3 trial size bottles of cologne and a few audio cassettes – not even new cassettes, they were tapes of a radio show that was on too late for me to stay up to listen to.

  • Fines for leaving cars unlocked have been used in the US before, I’m sure. Such a fine is refered to in a number of old radio show recordings I have from the 1940s. The law then seemed to be aimed at preventing joyriders.

  • My Brother-in-Law used to gripe at me about locking my car doors, until someone smashed his window causing $400 in damages to get the $10 in change he kept in his ashtray for tolls.

  • Geesh. I lived in Bucks County for 9 years. I don’t think I regularly locked my car doors there at all. When we first moved there I drove a Geo Metro. I figured if anyone stole it, they needed it more than I did.

    Then we sold the Geo and bought a new car, which my husband drove, and I drove the Camry. When we sold the Camry to move overseas it was 10 years old and had 256,000 miles on it. I didn’t like to lock it, because the door locks would stick and it was sometimes hard to open.

    Stupid politicians.