• Mythbusters did this one. They showed that eating one poppy seed bagel will cause a positive test using most of the common quick drug tests for opiates.

  • Funny, because I was assured years ago, before a preemployment screening, that poppy seeds were undetectable. I wonder how many people would find themselves out of work if controlled substances were suddenly decriminalized.

  • One time I went to my family doctor for a check up. They said they had a manditory drug testing policy. After I took the test, the doctor came in acousing me of smoking THC. I haven never smoked that stuff in fact I stayed away from people who done it. I was so embrassed and upset.

    I believe the story because it happened to me.

  • Mark-
    they may have been using a different tes

  • One of the interesting, and frightening, aspects of the story is that the level she tested at did not actually qualify as a positive drug test under the applicable guidelines. The person in charge of the program did not even know what constituted a positive test under the program’s own guidelines.

  • So, here is a girl who did wrong, served her sentence and because of a bagel she needs to do more time at taxpayer expense (about $100K) to “teach her a lesson”. She works at a drug rehab….pays taxes. And now she should go to jail because she ate a bagel? Smart!

  • So now that Seinfeld episode can use the sub-head “Based on a true story! Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent!”