Seventh Circuit tosses suit against Yahoo over search results

Mrs. Stayart searched on her own name and was dismayed to find icky and spammy sites, so she sued and went on suing. This time it was the turn of the federal appeals court to tell her no. [Eric Goldman (“While this *should* be the end of Stayart’s litigation, it probably won’t be. She can refile her state law claims against Yahoo in state court. She also still has a pending lawsuit against Google.”); Lowering the Bar; earlier]

One Comment

  • Mrs. Stayart has the same last name as her attorney, Gregory Stayart. Could they be related? I went to the trouble of looking at the original Complaint in the lawsuit, because I could not believe that anyone would pay an attorney to file this nonsense (except for a collusive lawsuit which does not appear to be the case here). Even though the legal services appear to be for “free,” there is significant expense in both court fees and time in launching this suit and appealing it to the Circuit Court. I am at a loss for a motive in this situation.
    As an aside, it seems that many of Mrs. Stayart’s problems stem from the infestation of her computer by malware.