Title IX squashes high school soccer

The College Sports Council has recent reports from New York City, where both boys’ and girls’ squads have been sidelined following a New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) suit over fall vs. spring scheduling (related earlier here, here, and here), and Kentucky, where quotas have prevented formation of a boys’ team.


  • It would appear that these Title IX zealots have found the perfect procrustean solution for high school soccer.

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  • We’re going to see a lot more of this, I think. Despite all the people mocking the notion of “going Galt”, I think that’s exactly how municipalities are going to respond to this. “You’ll sue until it’s exactly what you want? Fine, we won’t let ANYONE have it. The law doesn’t say we have to comply, it just says we have to be the same for everyone; and ‘nothing’ is the same for everyone.”

    Paula Tejeda closed her shop after an ADA suit. The guy who sued her came to the shop and asked why she was closing it.

    JFK university bulldozed a garden after an ADA suit. The lady who filed the suit asked why they did that.

    Don’t these people understand what they’re setting in motion?

  • Don’t these people understand what they’re setting in motion?

    Nope. Their basic assumption going into a situation is that they’re victims. Victims’ actions don’t have consequences, by definition; otherwise, they’d have agency. Things happen to them; they don’t happen to things.

    Captain Obvious to the rescue, I know, I know.

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