Trial lawyers step up spending, stick with Dems

No, it’s not exactly going to shock anyone, it just confirms once again the ongoing role of the plaintiff’s bar as an “anchor tenant” in the organized party. [Ingram, NLJ]


  • How did we get there? Years of Bush/Rove attacking the lawyers. I was watching a speech Reagan gave to the Federalist society from 88. Not a word about trot reform. Back then there were a lot of lawyers voting for and supporting Republicans. The Republicans raise a lot of Insurance and Corporate d money with their present tactics. They don’t read the whole Constitution and often forget the consumer. Even the cost tax “debate” is just another sign of the hypocrisy.

  • Mike, your point on Reagan is very interesting.

    Walter is correct, of course, that trial lawyers are, in massive numbers, supporting Democratic candidates. Many are supporting with their wallets, too. But it is worth pointing out that Republicans have more than their share of “anchor tenants.”