• Volokh’s “puzzled” reader can always sue to compel Volokh to post on the reader’s pet issue. Failing that, the “puzzled” reader can always start his own blog and post on whatever topic he likes till his heart’s content.

  • VMS: Yes, the puzzled reader could certainly do that. But that would be hard. It is so much easier to bitch about stuff. Probably more fun, too.

  • But by making his retort a blog item, Volokh has put the issue in play. Who believes that an opinionated blogger shies away from something for fear of expertise? Please. Eugene Volokh certainly has the smarts to get his head around this issue. I suspect that he just doesn’t want to promote the story, which details anti-white bias at DOJ. Many in the conservative commentariat simply do not identify with whites and what they suffer, so they skip the issue. Actually, most do not, because that is one sure way to sink your Beltway/academic career.