Canada: “lawyer considering class action suit for moose-car crash victims”

A lawyer in St. John’s, Newfoundland, “says government could be held accountable for introducing moose to the province in 1912.” The giant herbivores sometimes cause serious car crashes. [Canadian Press via Karlsgodt]


  • A møøse bit my sister once…

  • I’m looking for an attorney to take my case. I want a class action suit against all Cro Magnon and descendants for wiping out my true (if minuscule) Neanderthal genetic line. In my claim, I’m asking for all of Europe back. Plus parts of the Middle East. Those areas further east belonged to my cousin and he can file his own damned suit.

  • The Province of Newfoundland & Labrador should allow an unrestricted commercial harvest of the moose on the island. The moose will be gone in a few years – just like the cod.

  • mojo
    Love the Monty Python reference.

  • According to the news story the lawyer says “if the hazard that the huge animals pose to traffic was foreseeable 100 years ago, government could be held liable for negligence.”

    So he feels that the government should have foreseen that in ninety-eight years automobile traffic would sffer as a result.

    Good luck.


  • This really is bizarre. Why is the government of today responsible for what a different government of a century ago did? Does this lawyer really think that in 1912 the government should have been able to foresee that cars would travel at high enough speeds decades later to make moose-car collisions so deadly? Or that Newfoundland would rely on high-speed highways for transportation around the island (in 1912 most transportation in Newfoundland was by boat or railway). And which government is he going to sue? In 1912 Newfoundland was a colony of the British Empire, so is he going to sue the British government in London?