Dept. of fun-killing

Sign at Arizona golf course: “For Your Safety, Walking, Running and Recreational Activity Is Prohibited” [Free-Range Kids, with pic]


  • Thank goodness non-recreational swimming is still permitted. 🙂

  • and it doesn’t say anything about juggling flaming chain saws.

  • Since this is at a golf course, it’s probably a liability issue. They’re probably worried about being sued by some non-golfer who gets hit by a golf ball.

  • Isn’t golfing a “recreational activity”?

  • When I was vacationing in London back in the 80’s, my friends and I got a couple of classic photos. The first was a picture of a sign that read, “No dumping allowed” with a very large pile of garbage directly beneath it. The second was a sign at a park that read,
    “Dead Slow Children Playing.”
    I didn’t think the dead British children played very much. Even after we realized that “Dead Slow” is a British expression meaning, “very slow,” the dumbing down of the British children hadn’t really started at that point. They aren’t really THAT slow and stupid, are they? 😉