Great moments in teacher tenure

Julie Mack, Kalamazoo Gazette (via Mark Hemingway, Examiner):

In 1993, Chelsea High School teacher Stephen Leith shot to death his superintendent and wounded his principal and another teacher during a confrontation at the school. Leith was convicted of homicide and given a life sentence; from prison, he continued to pursue an appeal of his firing from Chelsea Public Schools, blaming his actions on medication.
“He murdered his superintendent. It’s crazy,” said Tom White, associate director of labor relations for [the] Michigan School Board Association.


  • Walter,
    I don’t think that “Great Moments In Teacher Tenure” would be complete without the story of our local (NY) sex-worker-turned-tenured teacher. I’ll leave it to the NY Post to provide the details.
    As you can see, she’s been quite oppressed since she did a little over sharing on facebook about her past.
    Andy Barovick

  • I don’t really have a problem with the teacher noted in the comments above. I’d have more of a problem were she a card-carrying member of a half-dozen statist ‘public interest’ groups, actually. At least she’d be bringing some real world experience of the marketplace into the classroom, not a bunch of idealistic-though-imaginary ‘goals’ to be achieved by her captive audiences.

  • Presumably the school district has a rock solid argument for firing him on grounds of abandonment once he was convicted. That should at least limit damages to the period from arrest to conviction.