Hershey sues Mars over candy wrapper design

According to its claim, the packaging of Dove brand chocolate and peanut butter candy “is too similar to that used for such products in Hershey’s Reese’s line,” and relies overmuch on the colors brown, orange and yellow, presumably nonobvious choices for a chocolate-peanut confection. [Matt Miller, Harrisburg Patriot-News]


  • What are they supposed to do, represent chocolate as hot pink?

  • Why not? Purple peanut butter would work well with it.

    But Cadbury would probably want to sue then.

  • A look at the two wrappers reveals absolutely no similarity.


  • I wouldn’t even describe those wrappers as having similar color schemes. They resemble each other very little. This looks like a frivolous suit to me.

  • I didn’t realize that copyright law extended to other planets.