New York high court takes up negligent-golfing case

Two doctors, frequent golf partners, were playing a round together when one was struck in the face at close range by the other’s ball. Lower courts dismissed the resulting case, which is now on appeal. [Lowering the Bar, WSJ Law Blog] Plus: WLF (“this is not a lawyer or doctor joke.”)


  • […] This is not a lawyer or doctor joke: New York’s highest court takes up appeal of suit by golfing doctor struck by ball launched by his playing partner (also a doctor) (Overlawyered) […]

  • Yeah, right. And a baseball player who gets hit by a pitch has the right to sue the pitcher, too. Or a football player has the right to sue the guy who tackles him. When you play sports you should expect injuries once in a while. If you can’t handle that fact of life, then don’t play.

  • […] “In a brief opinion released today, the New York Court of Appeals agreed with lower courts that a golfer hit by an ‘errant’ shot could not sue his co-golfer for negligence, because one who chooses to golf assumes the risk of being whacked by a golf ball.” [Lowering the Bar, AP, earlier] […]