November 8 roundup

  • “Dad Settles Suit Against Crocs Over Daughter’s Escalator Injury” [ABA Journal, Knoxville News]
  • Almost unheard-of: “California state bar to investigate 130 prosecutors” [LEF]
  • Judge flays U.S.-based lawyer in Chevron-Ecuador suit [, more, Dan Fisher/Forbes]
  • “Federal Government Acknowledges Constitutional Limits on Housing Discrimination Law” [Eugene Volokh on HUD dismissal of “Christian-roommate” complaint, earlier]
  • “Brave and brilliant decision” from Judge Posner points way to provide relief from class action plaintiffs who won’t accept defeat [McConnell and Beck, Trask]
  • “Referring to Former Boss as Slimebag Does Not Constitute Disparagement, At Least in Ohio” [Robert Fitzpatrick]
  • “Couldn’t get elected dogcatcher” — actually, dogcatching’s harder than being a Senator [Christopher Beam, Slate]
  • Midterm election wipeout — for Republicans, that is [four years ago on Overlawyered]

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