“R.I.P. Cabell County Swing Sets”

“Ye Gave Children Joy, And Exercise Too/It’s Too Bad Those Parents Decided To Sue.” An epitaph on a West Virginia county’s swing sets [KaBOOM.org]

One Comment

  • A component of American stupidity is the belief that alternative decisions would have worked. In this case, a softer playground surface would have prevented a broken arm. My cousin Joey broke his arm on grass, the green surface, not the weed with fragrant smoke.

    This logical phenomenon was described by the great football couch Tom Landry. If your run play fails on fourth down and short, then it becomes obvious that you should have called the long field goal attempt. And if you had missed the field goal, then a run play would have done the trick.

    We need legislation to empower judges to through out suits based adverse outcomes to normal behavior. Children will hurt themselves and each other from time to time. It’s called growing up.