“Rent Too High” candidate sues New York election board

“The founder of ‘The Rent is Too Damn High Party’ is outraged that in 2006, when he ran for governor, and three years later, when he ran for mayor, the board took the world ‘Damn’ off his ballot line.” Officials say it was a matter of lack of space; in the last election they were able to accommodate his imprecation in the ballot heading by shortening the party title to, “Rent is 2 Damn High Party.” He’s representing himself and wants $350 million. [New York Post]


  • I like the guy.

  • Too damn funny.

  • I wonder if he would settle for say, half that amount?

  • Forget you losers, I wonder if he needs a son to adopt and help him spend that money. lol

  • I need to sue him. His facial hair is giving me nightmares. I’ll take twice what he gets from the state.