Unpleasant buzz

Patrick at Popehat is not happy with a class action settlement over consumer non-injury from the Google Buzz service:

Mason and Ram will apply for, and probably get, $2,125,000 of that [$8.5 million] common fund, for all of their hard work representing thousands of people just like me, who weren’t damaged by Google because they ignored Google’s offer to try Google Buzz, a demonstrated failure that’s used by about seven people (not all of whom are class representatives) nationwide. …

If there’s any justice, and there isn’t, the Northern District of California will award Mason and Ram a dollar for every consumer who was injured by Google Buzz. That and five hundred more dollars will cover their airfare home.

One Comment

  • I notice that I won for the lowest amount amongst Overlawyered readers from the Expedia settlement (65 cents). Is there a prize? (Perhaps a nice swift kick in the teeth?)