• What exactly makes these people any different from the rest of us that are harmed by our good efforts everyday? I know many doctors suffering from hep C and Aids that are not recieving any compensation and do not request any. Yet their illnesses were caused by efforts to help individuals similar to what these individuals claim. The other thing is that many of these folks are claiming injury to their lungs, yet they smoke!! This is the same crap as the asbestos group.

  • It’s really more of a PR and public sympathy thing. You’re on the right track when you joke that only stony-hearted Scrooges would oppose this.

  • Hoe much of this money is going to lawyers? Is the money solely to pay medical expenses or will individuals also get money for pain and suffering, loss of consortium etc? Besides, since nearly all of those allegedly harmed by working at the WTC were police , firemen and other public employees, aren’t they covered by Workers’ compensation? Finally, are claims being accurately screened so that false claims, eg asbestosis and silicosis claims that are rife with fraud, aren’t paid?

  • I was one of the federal rescue responders. FEMA denied many claims (including mine) and said we were “volunteers” even though I had deployment orders and was deployed as a federal employee. I lost 6 years of work and have lost 30% of my lung capacity. Many of the structural enginners, physicians and riggers were independent contractors and were not taken care of by those that sent them to WTC to work. All medical treatment until 2007 was out of pocket. All financial loses were ours alone, as well. I never smoked. If there was a workers compensation system that worked and an administrative system that took care of those that were injured on the job, then I might agree with some of your posts. Don’t immediately jump to the conclusion that this is about fraud and abuse. I didn’t see any of you out there on the pile….

  • John Linstrom@I understand that there are two potential sources of compensation, worker’s comp, which you have addressed, and the special WTC fund, which compensated rescue workers as well as victims. Was WTC fund compensation inadequate or not available?