The new (and very activist) Obama EEOC

Jenna Greene at American Lawyer reports on the “ambitious agenda” the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has taken up lately under Chairwoman Jacqueline Berrien, and quotes me as saying the new group in charge of the commission “make the Carter [administration] EEOC look like a Chamber of Commerce operation.” Related: “EEOC reports record charge filings for 2010” [Hyman]


  • […] EEOC appointees are unprecedently hostile to employers, making the Carter-era EEOC look friendly to business by comparison.  New laws backed by Obama, and Obama administration regulations governing employers, have […]

  • This is the same EEOC that thinks men should be waiting tables at Hooters. They’re nothing but a joke at this point.

  • Joe, I wish the EEOC was only a joke.