Canada: Lawsuit blames province for car-moose collisions

As promised earlier: “Two Canadians injured in car collisions with moose in Newfoundland have filed a class-action lawsuit against the province, claiming it has not properly controlled the animal’s numbers.” [BBC]


  • I only hit the moose because the squirrel swooped down at me.


  • hmm, interesting concept. Had the government allowed more moose hunting, there’d have been less moose, thus less accidents (in fact, the moose would likely never have been hungry enough to get near humans).

    Of course the hunting restrictions are likely caused by greenies pushing through restrictive legislation at federal level, so a judge should throw out the case as being brought against the wrong organisation, the guys should have filed against groups like Greenpeace for promoting hunting bans đŸ™‚

  • Aren’t all the moose in Newfoundland necessary parties to this suit?
    Service of process might be difficult. Publication is probably out.

  • Will PETA be allowed to intervene?

  • What if my car hits a lawyer?

    (kidding! kidding!)

  • Maybe letting people run into moose is how the state controls their numbers?

  • Clearly, the provincial government is to blame.

    Had it taken its responsibilities seriously, it would have spent the money necessary to teach moose to read and use crosswalks. As it was derelict, it must be brought to heel and only a personal injury lawyer is capable of exacting the appropriate modicum of anguish.

    [As a customer service, I advise people to not eat moose when they find it on a menu. The meat will be coming from highly stressed animals, with a mad array or corticol steroids tainting the flesh.]

  • Good point there, John.
    Though such schooling may not be possible. An attempt in the Netherlands in the 1990s to teach ducks to use a zebra crossing designed for them (complete with traffic lights they would trip by walking over pressure plates burried under grass) didn’t work out well.
    The ducks just wouldn’t cross where they were told to.

    Not kidding here, such a crossing really was built (but not as a science experiment, it was built on a university campus as a joke by the electronics department).

  • J. T. Wenting –

    Are there pictures?

  • You may laugh, but here in our city there is a law that ducks have the right-of-way on a major street. It so happens that the street sits next to a duck pond, and they have been known to want to cross the street at times. You’d better make sure to stop for them.