January 28 roundup


  • […] “State Senator Jim Alesi fell off a ladder and broke his leg at someone else’s unfinished home three years ago – and now he’s blaming the homeowners for his injury. Alesi is also suing the home builder, Louis DiRisio.” Alesi has said he was checking out the development and didn’t realize the house in question, which he entered through an unlocked basement door, had already been sold to owners. The homeowners’ right to sue Alesi for trespassing has now expired under the statute of limitations, and they may be rethinking their decision not to press charges at the time. [WHAM, WHEC, Rochester Democrat & Chronicle] Update: he drops suit. […]

  • “Distracted moving”: campaign heats up for laws prohibiting pedestrians from texting.”
    Tack another one onto to my “what’s wrong in America” file.
    And I heard about this first from The Onion, America’s finest news source.

  • The NPR piece ruined its credibility by an attack of BDS. A story which was captivating up to that point suddenly began to stink. What a shame!