Salon yanks discredited RFK Jr. vaccine piece

Six years late, the online publication is throwing in the towel on a notorious venture into antiscientific claptrap by America’s Most Irresponsible Public Figure®, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Meanwhile, Carter at Point of Law reports that the newly civility-aware celebrity environmentalist will be headlining a “Progressive Voices Cruise” of the Caribbean that by total coincidence will also feature attorney Michael Papantonio, with whose Levin Papantonio injury-law firm the hothead scion has long been associated, a connection curiously absent from his current Wikipedia page and most other coverage (& welcome Jonathan Adler readers).


  • I’ve wondered whether RFK, Jr. is a knave (he is a supporter of Hugo Chavez) or a fool. However, after hearing him speak a few times I am certain that, contrary to his late Uncle Edward, he is the latter. Listening to him speak on any subject makes one cringe. It is hard to believe that the media would give someone that dumb a platform to spout dangerous nonsense. I am glad to see that Salon finally corrected its record. However, the damage has been done. How many children have been harmed by not taking vaccines because their parents believed this charlatan? Salon knew that JFK, Jr. is a fool, yet they allowed him to spread this dangerous nonsense simply because he was a Kennedy. Shame on them.

  • The ones who get polio or mumps or smallpox etc are harmed but the ones who don’t recover are truly harmed.
    My guess is that there won’t be many of either.

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