Speaking tour on Schools for Misrule

CoverSchoolsforMisruleI’m beginning to set up the speaking tour on my forthcoming book (background) and from the invitations already on hand it looks as if over the next few months I’ll be visiting New York, Texas, the Midwest, northern California and the Rocky Mountain states, often speaking to Federalist Society chapters. Why not invite me to your area, or check about adding your venue to an already planned swing? Diane Morris at the Cato Institute in Washington, D.C. is taking the lead in handling arrangements; you can reach her at 789-5226, area code 202, or at dmorris – at – cato – dot – org.

Chief Judge Alex Kozinski of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit just contributed this great blurb for Schools for Misrule:

Every year I hire as law clerks some of the best and
brightest law students in the country, and spend a year
wringing out of them all the wrong-headed ideas their law
professors taught them. Now I know why.

To see what newsman John Stossel, author Philip K. Howard and Georgetown lawprof Randy Barnett said about the book, check out the jacket (PDF).


  • NC?

  • As someone who attended a tier one Top 25 law school in the late 1970s I can tell you that conservative viewpoints were strongly discouraged even during this pre-PC era. As a student I had no problem professing my pro-death penalty and anti- school busing and anti-ERA opinions and took a lot of heat from my fellow students though, given my background as a college football player and tai-kwon do practitioner no one crossed the line (then again most liberals are basically pussies). I will say that had exams not been graded anonymously I would have kept silent out of fear of retribution. I only recall one conservative professor during my law school days and during my career, which includes 6 years as an appellate court judge, I have met none since. I honestly believe that the elite law schools purposely screen out conservative candidates for teaching spots and as we all know conservative legal scholars are rarely invited as speakers. The McCarthyites of the left rule our law schools so no wonder law students never are exposed to the other side.

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