Texting Fountain Lady considers lawsuit

After a video went viral showing a distracted shopper walking into a mall fountain, it’s not clear that much of anyone would have known that the blurry figure was Ms. Marrero. They know now, though, as her lawyer talks about holding someone “responsible” for the less-than-professional reaction of security, which included laughing and not going up to her to confirm that she wasn’t hurt. [Mediaite, Balasubramani, Salon, Popehat, MSNBC “Technolog”, Mystal]


  • Look in the dictionary for “self-important” and you will find a picture of both the lawyer and plaintiff.

  • Interestingly enough, she works at the mall. One would think that she would be aware that there is a large fountain there.
    Couple that with the felony charges she is up against for running up $4500 dollars on her co-workers credit cards and you have a good reason for the odd way that she lifts her leg just prior to “tripping” over the edge of the fountain.

    Show me the money!

  • RE: Her and lawyer’s “going to sue” someone:
    1. No one knew who she was till she and her lawyer started holding press conferences.
    2. When interviewed by George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America, she said: “I admit it was funny, but nobody took my feelings into consideration.”
    3. She quickly got up unaided and walked away from fountain pool.
    4. Does “open and obvious” have meaning?

    Does the phrase “nuisance suit” come to mind?

  • I think Ed might be on to something. I’m sure we all have phones here — when’s the last time you walked into a mall fountain? They’re big and intentionally noisy.

  • I hope this lawsuit goes through, and I hope she loses, just so that we have a public precedent stating that it’s not an invasion of privacy to record an image of someone and post it to the Internet without their knowledge or explicit consent.

    That should pretty well put paid to most complaints about the TSA. Because, after all, if it’s okay for a rent-a-cop to post a video of you falling down just for laffs, then isn’t it okay for the actual cops to X-ray you looking for bombs?

  • […] A judge has dismissed a privacy claim by a gun instructor who shot himself during a safety demonstration; video of the incident later turned up at The Smoking Gun and elsewhere. [Lowering the Bar; compare the Fountain Lady's video-privacy grievance.] […]