February 24 roundup

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  • @Mayor Thomas Menino

    In New York City the politicians have the same attitude towards WalMart. It seems as if Manino (and other politicians) who oppose WalMart are marionettes on the strings of the firmly entrenched retailers, and do not care for capitalistic principles and the overall good of the City. If Manino actually told CVS that “[a]llowing retailers to make money off of sick people is wrong,” the citizens of Boston should convene a tea party and dump Mayor Manino into Boston Harbor.

    Mark Perry missed the point by focusing on the “helping the poor” aspect of having WalMart and “minute clinics” in Boston. The free market helps everybody by the best allocation of resources and services (albeit with a few externalities). Boston’s biggest “problem” with a WalMart in town would be providing extra subway service during peak shopping times. Perhaps that might be greatly offset with sales and other taxes collected. Big retailers, in contrast to mom and pop stores, actually collect and report all sales taxes.