“Golfer Gored by Gator Sues Course Over Pond Design”

“A golfer whose arm was torn off by an alligator during a round of golf in South Carolina has sued the course’s owner under the novel theory that the design of the course created an alligator hazard.” [OnPoint News]


  • Luckily the Darwin Award golfer missed the design flaw electocution hazard by not playing in the midst of a South Carolina lightening storm.

  • Look on the bright side: it cured his slice.


  • There’s a two stroke penalty for hitting into the alligator hazard.

  • There’s also a one arm penalty if you try to retrieve your ball from the alligator pond hazard.

  • About 20 years ago, my dad crapped his pants when he was trying to fish his ball out of a water hazard. The gator leapt up and snapped his jaws scaring the crap out of my dad. He never tried to fetch another ball out of the water after that.

    It lead me to wonder if sometimes gators scare the daylights out of golfers for entertainment…

  • What he should do is get himself a wooden hand, find a young hotheaded hockey player to coach to the pro tour, while searching for the gator and planning his revenge.

  • In all probability the alligator had migrated South after having spent its misguided youth in the sewers of New York. So clearly the one to sue is Mayor Bloomberg for failing to rehabilitate the wayward reptile, plus he has more money than God.

  • Seems to me that the phrase ‘water hazard’ is not to be taken lightly there. Question: did the clothing designer Izod Lacoste design that course?

  • Look on the bright side: it cured his slice.

    But now he has a hook.

  • A golf course is an excellent place to be run down and eaten by a Bengal Tiger. I DEMAND TO KNOW what precautions the course is taking to ensure that the threat of tigers is minimized. If I feel that these precautions are inadequate then I will sue due to the course’s flagrant disregard for my safety and the safety of my fellow players.