“If you’ve ever doubted the wisdom of letting lawyers run our country, read this book”

CoverSchoolsforMisruleConservative Book Club has this write-up of my forthcoming book Schools for Misrule. David Frum’s FrumForum is featuring it as well. Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) just got his in the mail. From what I hear, copies of the book ordered online began arriving in readers’ mailboxes around Tuesday.

More: Legal Skills Prof Blog, Young Americans for Liberty (on my Cato speech this upcoming Thursday). And a great preview post from Carter Wood at NAM’s ShopFloor.


  • 5 Star book.

    Looks like we need our own Jasmine Revolution against a corrupt, incompetent lawyer oligarchy.

  • Maybe we should follow the advice of Shakespeare. 🙂

  • This issue is not really with lawyers. It’s having any entrenched group in power. They always adjust things to favor themselves.

    The fact that it’s lawyers simply makes it more disgusting.


  • I hear there are some dictators out there looking for new countries to run.