“Japanese Anime Pokes Fun at America’s Legal System”

A recent anime (Japanese cartoon) portrays America as a land where pretty much any misadventure can be turned into grounds for a lawsuit. Siouxsie Law has the (funny? horrifying?) video clip, the plot line of which involves the catastrophic misuse of a microwave oven and its fictional legal consequences.


  • the look on the cat just before it was placed in the microwave to dry off was priceless.

  • Well, Yakitate Japan being from ’05, not sure its recent, but… 😛

    get your facts straight
    And America is stupid and we really do sue for everything so grow a pair and deal with it

  • Fantastic description. Thanks for posting.

  • Actually…”anime” means “cartoon”. Also, “otaku” is a derogatory word meaning “shut-in.” But Americans do sue for some absurd things.