Law schools roundup

  • The first hard copies of Schools for Misrule have arrived from the printer and they look fantastic. You can order here (and benefit me Amazon-commission-wise as well as through royalties) at very favorable pre-publication prices;
  • “Can NY Support Any More Law Schools? Doubts Stall Plans for Three New Campuses” [ABA Journal]
  • Professional rigor without Tiers: how Canada’s law school scene differs from ours [Above the Law]
  • Villanova “knowingly” fiddled scores to improve law school rating [Paul Caron roundup] By creative use of such measures as library seatage, Michigan’s Cooley contrived to name itself nation’s number 2 law school [AtL] Malcolm Gladwell notes that US News rankings “reward Yale-ness” [New Yorker, Ribstein/TotM] A “good way to distinguish yourself from other law schools is to tell the truth to prospective students” and Washington & Lee has shocked competitors with a significant gesture in that direction [AtL] “Applying SOX (or something like it) to law schools” [Tung Yin, PrawfsBlawg] Morriss/Henderson: “law schools have a special moral obligation to tell the truth about themselves.” [Pope Center]
  • Mark Tushnet on academic fads and “mere” doctrinal scholarship [via Boyden, PrawfsBlawg]
  • Some law reviews admit their circulation has plunged, others don’t admit it [Ross Davies, Green Bag via Caron] “Girls under trees” deprecated as element in law school web design [Lowering the Bar]
  • On lawprof interest disclosures [Gerding/Conglomerate, Salmon, Weiser/SALT]
  • Legal academy during World War II mostly silent on government overreach [Sarah Ludington, SSRN via Orin Kerr]

One Comment

  • Went to order your book, the kindle version is priced higher than the hardcover. No sale for me at this time, sorry. I’ve paid more than $10 for some books, but only when the price is less than the other versions.