By reader acclaim: Minneapolis blogger told to pay $60K over post

“Though blogger John (Johnny Northside) Hoff told the truth when he linked ex-community leader Jerry Moore to a high-profile mortgage fraud, the scathing blog post that got Moore fired justifies $60,000 in damages, a Hennepin County jury decided Friday.” Moore, who was fired by the University of Minnesota after the post appeared, sued on a theory of “tortious interference” with his employment. [Minneapolis Star-Tribune]


  • What is with Minnesota?

    The horror of dumping the nightmare cartoonish Al Franken on the rest of the USA.

    And now this.

  • Franken keeps a pretty low profile. Most of us from MN are more embarrassed by Bachmann.

  • Next time he should just put something really offensive on a sign and carry it on the public sidewalk in front of the guy’s house, and then he can claim that the First Amendment protects him from liability. Guess there’s no First Amendment protection for factually accurate blog postings.

  • Absurd. Hopefully will be overturned on appeal.

  • If the school fired Mr. Moore on the basis of a blog posting alone, then the school committed error, not the blogger.

    Al Franken is terrific and has the potential to be a great senator. He, like our President, took up some polluted ideas, but he does think more than most.

  • Tony, you should be far more embarrassed by Al Franken–your state forced him on the rest of us, with what seemed to be rather questionable vote counting (or whatever it is called up there); Franken is not anywhere near, say, Sonny Bono and never could be.

  • From the article: “[Moore’s attorney Jill] Clark pointed out to the jury that Hoff, in a later blog post, took partial credit for Moore’s firing.”

    Yeah, maybe the sack-dance wasn’t such a great idea after all.