Demands $1.6 million for neighbor noise, $52 million for involving reporter

A Manhattan couple were sued by their downstairs neighbors for allegedly allowing too much noise that might have been better muffled with carpets. They approached a well-known local reporter who did a segment in his “Shame! Shame! Shame!” consumer series critical of the suit. The plaintiffs proceeded to file a new $52 million suit against their upstairs neighbor for intentional infliction of emotional distress, which a judge has now dismissed. And now the defendant wife and her husband have sued the condo board for removing her from the board, apparently in reaction to the publicity. [TVSpy]


  • My HOA has a rule that says you’re not allowed to “modify the interior of your property so as to increase noise transmission into adjoining properties”, and I always kind of wondered what the deal was there. I guess this is what it’s about.

  • The leases for various hard-floored apartments I’ve rented have specified that X% (usually 75%-80%) of the floors must be covered by carpet or rug, specifically for noise-abatement. I’m surprised that a million-dollar condo doesn’t have similar language in its agreements.

  • Heaven help them all if dry cleaners or pants become involved.