Feds require Dayton police department to lower hiring standards

“The [U.S. Department of Justice] has forced other police departments across the country to lower testing standards” on the grounds “that not enough black candidates were passing.” [WKEF (auto-plays video) via Perry]


  • Given that Eric Holder makes a distinction between “my people” and the rest of us, it should come as little surprise that the safety of Daytonians OF ALL RACES is a lower priority than the employment prospects of ONE RACE.

    And is it just me, or does the whole “race is just a social construct” meme get muted when affirmative action’s afoot?

  • Didn’t the New London firefighters case put the kibosh on this sort of thing? Lowering standards specifically because certain races weren’t passing seems like the very definition of a “racially-based employment decision”…

  • Some wag commented elsewhere that Dayton’s police will henceforth be known as the “F Troop” of police departments. What a travesty!

  • And when one of the would-have-failed-otherwise exhibits behavior toward a perp that is inconsistent with “can’t we just all get along” the same DOJ will be there to sue Dayton for not hiring better cops.

  • When one of these ‘F’ cops screws up on the job and that results in a lawsuit against Dayton, is the DOJ going to cover Dayton’s legal costs? Could Dayton sue the DOJ for those expenses?

    Could the DOJ change it’s mission from Dept. of Justice to Dept. of Police Equalization, or DOPE for short?

  • It’s very interesting that the Dayton NAACP does not support DOJ on this.

  • This sort of stupid policy actually fosters racial animosity and distrust. If one encounters a Black cop in Dayton, isn’t it now a fair assumption that he is one of the stupid ones let in by lowering the standards?