March 14 roundup

  • A San Francisco cosmetic surgeon sues her online critics — in Virginia? [Paul Alan Levy, CL&P]
  • SCOTUS ruling in “cat’s-paw” case could gut summary judgment in many bias suits [Hyman]
  • Cuomo spokesman’s smart retort to Litigation Lobby attack on Medicaid reform panel []
  • “Tennessee Cops Posed as a Defense Attorney To Get Suspect To Incriminate Himself” [Reason]
  • “Illinois golfer not liable for head shot” [Lowering the Bar]
  • Trade friction mounts due to anti-India provisions in Zadroga (9/11 recovery workers) compensation bill [PoL]
  • Is a tax-funded federal nonprofit entity funneling money to environmental suits against the government? [Ron Arnold, Examiner]
  • FCRA class action deemed “lawsuit abuse problem in a nutshell” [Examiner editorial]
  • “Fatherhood by Conscription: Nonconsensual Insemination & the Duty of Child Support” [Michael Higdon, SSRN via Instapundit]


  • Damn. Cops posing as attorneys to a person in their custody. That should raise some serious hackles with the courts. How can anyone get a fair trail once any legal assistance should be considered potentially fraudulent in the mind of an arrestee.
    The role of police, judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys should be crystal clear with no ambiguity. Anyone who poses as a role for which they are not legally entitled should be tossed in jail, and the victim/defendant set free.

  • I’ll go one step farther than gasman. The fraudulent attorney should get the maximum penalty the accused would have been subject to.

  • “Anyone who poses as a role for which they are not legally entitled should be tossed in jail, and the victim/defendant set free.”

    Please, let’s not lose sight that the defendant is no more or less guilty because of the illegal behavior of the police. Punish the police if they behaved improperly, but don’t reward the defendant.

  • A friend of mine served on nuclear submarines. To remove his Wife’s fears about his ability to have children if he was to get exposed to radiation, he made a donation to a Sperm bank. Five years later he got divorced. His Ex didn’t think that she had taken him for enough in the settlement, so she forged his signature on a release form and got artificially inseminated. When the baby was born, she named him as the father and put in for child support. Since he hadn’t been with her for several years, he requested a DNA test. It came back with him as the father. He petitioned for custody and was refused, so now he is stuck paying support.