March 28 roundup

  • Maricopa-cabana: Sheriff Arpaio uses tank (with Steven Seagal along) to raid cockfight suspect [KPHO, Coyote, Greenfield, Balko]
  • Malpractice reform in New York is about more than money (though it’s about that too) [Paul Rubin, TotM; NYDN]
  • EEOC initiative combats alleged employer bias against unemployed job applicants [Bales/Workplace Prof, Hyman]
  • After court rejection of Google Books settlement, where next? [Timothy Lee/ArsTechnica, David Post]
  • When your lawyerly conduct has been eviscerated by Judge Easterbrook, you know it [Above the Law]
  • Ninth Circuit rules on legality of keyword advertising using other firms’ trademarks [Coleman]
  • Election showdown over future of Wisconsin Supreme Court [PoL, more, Esenberg, Althouse]
  • Legal battle follows NYC’s attempted application of sidewalk bicycle ban to unicyclist [AP]


  • “Malpractice reform” in NY is dead (at least on this go-around). But there is a State fund to compensate brain damaged babies.

  • Don’t you need a license or something for a tank? Where does Joe Arpaio even get the authority to obtain and use military weapons?

  • Bill,

    Most people will call anything that looks military a “tank” if they don’t know anything about it.

    I believe that is the case here. Q and O has a picture of the vehicle in question:

    It is not a tank as we like to think of tanks in that it doesn’t have a barreled weapon or anything. It appears to be a armored personnel carrier of some sort.

    Personally, I think the media wants to attack Arpaio and is happy to use the term “tank” when it is inaccurate.

    That being said, I agree with your overall point. The militarization of the police is a scary thing.