UK employment law: “Murderer loses unfair sacking claim”

“A man convicted of murder has lost his employment tribunal case against Royal Mail which he claimed had breached his human rights when it sacked him. … he claimed he had been sacked prematurely because he was not found guilty of the offence until June.” [The Independent (U.K.)]


  • Royal Mail = British Deep Pocket

    Even the dementedly unjust UK Courts didn’t buy this steaming pile of waste.

  • In a case I briefed and argued on behalf of the NLRB while serving it its Enforcement Division of its General Counsel’s Office, one of the individuals found to have been fired for his union activities later confessed to having murdered his mother. The crime had taken place before his activity, in fact he was on the lam while he became a union protagonist. The NLRB ordered he be paid back pay from the day of his discharge up until the date of his conviction, a decision upheld by the 6th Circuit in 1959. I don’t have the cite at hand, but the employer was Keco Industries, and it only took the court about three weeks following oral argument to decide in the Board’s favor.