April 10 roundup

  • Civil libertarian Wendy Kaminer on feminism and the Yale speech complaint [Atlantic, earlier]
  • Baylen Linnekin’s Keep Food Legal organization is having a membership drive;
  • Bounty-hunting West Coast lawyers can now sue employers for large sums over temperature and worker-seating violations of the California Labor Code [Cal Labor Law]
  • Current set of urban, suburban parking policies amount to “another great planning disaster.” [Donald Shoup, Cato Unbound]
  • $7500? Tennessee lawyer charged with rape of client released on $7500 bond [WMC via White Coat]
  • Stella Liebeck hot coffee case: Abnormal Use suspects that Cracked never read its FAQ on the subject (or for that matter many of our own postings);
  • Baltimore public housing refuses to pay lead poisoning awards; “too strapped” [Baltimore Sun]
  • “Mr. Potato Head” contest cited in discrimination lawsuit charging anti-Irish bias [Lowering the Bar]


  • Thanks for them info on Keep Food Legal. As more places suggest banning Kosher slaughter, raising awareness for this is important.

    The local food movement, unable to get chickens slaughtered on-site at small farms, faces many of the same challenges as Kosher slaughter. (Of course, much of the local food crowd as bought into the anti-Jewish platform that the American left has, so there’s some gaping inconsistencies in what they want.)

  • The same folks arguing against Kosher slaughter are also arguing about Halal slaughter, so I’m not so sure it’s just another manifestation of leftists anti-Semitism.

  • Thinking of Stella Liebeck makes me glad I like iced tea as the beverage of choice. You don’t think I could spill that on myself and suffer frostbite, do you? I’ll leave the obvious comments to the ‘unwashed’ amongst us.

  • […] here and (citing Wendy Kaminer) here. More: Glenn […]