Class action demands pay for Huffington Post bloggers

The site generally promised to pay nothing to its bloggers, and has lived up to that promise. [Romenesko/Washington Post, Radley Balko, Atlantic Wire, Coyote (FLSA is a more unreasonable law than you may assume), Max Kennerly (“unjust enrichment” theories not going anywhere), Volokh (next: suits on behalf of unpaid commenters), Lawrence Cunningham (“close to zero” chance of suit prevailing); & followup (with Jack Shafer’s views)]


  • As much as this suit and the theory behind it is all garbage, I must say “It couldn’t happen to a nicer person.” 😀

    (Now where’s my money?)

  • Based on the times I read the HuffPo, I would have to say that those who wrote for nothing were overpaid.

  • Walter,
    I currently receive nothing as a commenter here. I demand triple the pay!

  • As I comment even less frequently than Kimsch does, that makes my comments more rare and hence more valuable………..

  • […] the general hail of dead cats that commentators have aimed at the class action suit claiming to speak for unpaid Huffington Post […]