• Unless Messieurs Ajjampur and Devito attorneys can get the Apple Privacy Policy declared illegal, null and void they are in world of fail with this one. Apple has this one locked down rather tightly.

    You want to buy one of our products we get your information to use as we see fit. In the box with the phone.

  • This site has been one of my bookmarks through four computers, an iPad, and nearly a decade, after being recommended to me by a dart-playing cohort. Best bookmark I have had, and one of my oldest!

  • It’s just that I am a layman law geek… I have read ATL frequently, and often follow links from other sites… I just can’t figure out how it is I never bookmarked Overlawyered.

    PS. I’m just glad the quote for which I am being recognized this time doesn’t have any swearing…

    PPS I still hate everyone for the April Fool’s Day gag…

  • Same here. I have had this site bookmarked for many years. Its one I check several times a day.

  • You may notice a familiar name on the research that sparked this:

    Needless to say, I have no connection to or knowledge of the lawsuit.

  • If people are going to want apps that give them suggestions on where to eat/sleep/poop (yes, it exists) based on their location, the device is going to have to know their location. I’m at a loss as to why the issue is an issue, but then I feel that way about most news nowadays.

    I would think that, were one’s phone stolen, the list of past locations is a fairly low concern. How many device users retype their password every time they check e-mail?

  • Actually, Overlawyered is my home page.

  • Apple got the full South Park treatment (raked over the coals) tonight. But the underlying theme was simple: read before you agree.

  • “read before you agree.”

    That’s grand, coming from a reader of a site called Overlawyered.

    In Libertopia, we all have $300/hour lawyers on retainer to look over every adhesion contract we’re required to sign in order to be a functional member of society.

    But in this real world, most of us can’t afford that.