CPSIA: “Toy lead ban puts kids on ATVs at risk”

In the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, cycle shop owner Mike Larson explains how CPSIA’s irrationality actually increases risk: “Kids aren’t licking or eating their ATVs, but they just might ride adult-sized ATVs thanks to this ban. Congress is putting kids in danger by refusing to address this problem.”


  • Would a warning label suffice?

    “Do not eat this vehicle.”

  • Doesn’t that make adult size ATV’s a childrens’ product and thus subject to the CPSIA?

    I’m sure some Washington bureaucrat is trying to find justification for just such a decision, in order to be able to impose more regulation on things…

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  • However ridiculous the legal case here may or may not be notwithstanding, Im finding it hard to be enthusiastic for defending the environmental nightmares (both short term and long term) that atvs are. Teach your kids to ride a horse, ride a bike, or walk.

  • yes nanny mike.

  • Don’t horse’s gears, contain metal? Suppose the child ate the horse? Wouldn’t he be in danger of of eating lead?