CPSIA: “Toymakers Would Get Relief Under Republican Plan”

Reform efforts are finally afoot in the House of Representatives, at least two years after they should have started, but a three-member majority of the CPSC (two Obama appointees and a holdover) is defending the law on many though not all of its worst points. [Bloomberg, HuffPo] “This is by far the best bill we’ve seen to date,” declares the Handmade Toy Alliance. Tireless CPSIA critic Rick Woldenberg testified with other witnesses at a House Commerce hearing and contributes an op-ed to The Hill about the law’s irrationality. More coverage: Carter Wood/ShopFloor, Sean Wajert. And a memo by committee staff discussing some of the key issues is here (PDF).

One Comment

  • I am dismayed by the recent reaction to the problems at Japan’s nuclear power plants. 20,000 or so human beings were washed away by a 60 ft. tsunami and idiots in New York are concerned about radioactivity in fish from Japan. Senator Franken expressed concern about the Indian Point plant in Westchester County New York. If a 60 ft. wave hit Indian Point, the power plant would be the least of our worries.

    The anti-lead nuts say that lead causes brain damage and that no level of lead is safe. If one’s child sucks on the valves in bicycle tires, then one really needs to be concerned about brain problems.