New York backs off wiffle-ball-hazard regs

Following national publicity, the state of New York has backed off regulations that defined games like wiffle ball and freeze tag as risky enough that day camps might be obliged to consider medical contingency plans. [Coyote, MSNBC]


  • When I think of all the children maimed in tragic whiffleball mishaps, the severed limbs, the pointless deaths, I weep with shame. Think of the children!


  • My ten year old came home from school yesterday and heard the story on TV. He said, “So, you get a skinned knee. It isn’t going to kill you!”

    He knows this from experience, bike accident, big time road rash. Of course he thought he’d die at the time, but he knows he survived.

  • How did we ever survive childhood without all these regulators? When we couldn’t find rotten apples or dirt clods to pelt each other with, we had rock fights, to the tune of mothers ineffectively shrieking, “You’ll put an eye out with one of those!”

    What will mothers shriek about now?

  • Despite trying, I couldn’t even break a window with a wiffle ball. Oh the horror!