No sign of Fort Detrick cancer cluster

But that hasn’t stood in the way of a push to sign up clients for law firms in the vicinity of the Frederick, Md. armed forces base. [WJZ, Army Times]


  • No proof? No problem.

  • I pulled up the articles. Did I miss it? What lawyers are trolling for these cases?

  • You’re right, other recent news stories (but not those two links) detail a law-firm-related “community meeting” outreach connected with the scare.

  • I know lawyers were trolling for clients in South Florida’s “Acreage” cancer cluster. There was one of those “community meetings” where attorneys basically ran the show and tried to pick up clients.

    And I think they found some. I believe they filed suit against Pratt & Whitney, although to my knowledge, public officials have not been able to pinpoint any contaminants in the soil or in the water which might cause cancer.