“Vacaville Inmate Sues State For Sex Change Surgery”

An inmate convicted of murder in 2002 has made it to the appeals court level with a suit against the California Corrections Department’s policy that “sexual reassignment surgery is not a covered benefit.” [KCBS]


  • I think someone needs to explain the difference between “prison” and “Club Med” to somebody. You have NO right to elective surgery.


  • I’m sure it’s being argued that this is not elective surgery. It is surgery necessary for the mental well-being of the patient, without which s/he will suffer psychological torment. Thus, it is both cruel and unusual to deny the surgery.

  • Life is tough. Especially when you’re an inmate.

  • I wonder if it will also demand transfer to an all women correctional facility after the operation…

  • Or before.


  • John Hopkins did a study of those having sex-change operations many years ago. The idea was that some poor souls were in distress because of their sex status. The study indicated that the operations did’nt really improve the patient’s disposition.

    See http://www.narth.com/docs/johnhopkins.html