Law schools roundup

  • Refuting a law review’s vaccine-autism claims [Orac, Respectful Insolence, more, Fair Warning]
  • Should sue-the-cops fliers have used Suffolk U. law school logo? [Boston Herald via Wood, Chronicle]
  • “There’s a saying that ‘the law you learned in law school is the law'” [Bill Araiza, Prawfs]
  • Annals of legal scholarship: law review article on “planetarian identity formation” [SSRN] Larry Ribstein on the trouble with law reviews [TotM, earlier]
  • Enough with the “balance” talk, says organizer of Hastings Law conference on Palestine rights [SFGate]
  • “The entire law school industry … a significant profit center for universities — is a giant bubble” [The New Republic] “Mind-boggling” tuition increases hard to explain other than as product of market distortions [Hans Bader]
  • Liberty Law exam question on notorious kidnapping case raises eyebrows [Sarah Posner, Religion Dispatches; background]
  • “It’s Deja Vu for Louisiana Economy as Law School Clinic, Activists Challenge Air Permit” [WLF]


  • Am I the only one who read “planetarian” as “planarian”?

  • @Bill Poser: Perhaps. Those of us who keep planarians as pets realize that they are incapable of coping with law reviews, though they do have some pretty nifty tricks available to them, like learning through cannibalism! Maybe that’s going to be the next approved pedagogic methodology of law schools?

  • Do those planarians “reign in carbon emissions” [as the abstract has it] or do they rule elsewhere?