Life imitates legal cliche: injury plaintiff winds up owning amusement park

Pruett Nance was hurt riding an all-terrain vehicle on the grounds of a no-longer-operating theme park in Arkansas, Dogpatch USA. The owners having not paid a $650,000 judgment, a judge has awarded Nance ownership of the park. [Arkansas Online via Childs, TortsProf]


  • Where can I sign up to Get Paid Big Bucks for trespassing?

  • Followup with this guy when the property tax bill arrives.

  • Also, I assume that HE will be held liable for the next trespasser’s accident. Nice.

  • “Attractive Nuisance” .

    Hey, hey, hey…..

  • Did they give him a property tax bill to go with it?

  • The funny thing is though, that could be the biggest FU award ever – it might have been a brilliant move on the part of the former owner. Imagine that you’re stuck with an old abandoned amusement park in the middle of Arkansas. Hardly prime real estate, costs to try to secure it or tear it down are probably enormous, you still have to pay taxes on it every year – here, now it’s your problem, dude. Maybe you can get sued by some tool that decides to tresspass on it and get hurt lol