May 31 roundup


  • I was really good at Science in school but I can not image how a floor mat could cause pressure on the accelerator and void the brake. When I had a floor mat problem 40 years ago, I was able to push the mat out of the way with my foot. In my case, it was an extra rubber mat in the winter.

    According to Ted all the cases that have been resolved (40 or so) were pedal misapplication. Wouldn’t it be great if CNN properly reported the findings?

  • C’mon, you didn’t really think Toyotas selectively attack old folks, did you?

  • It is also interesting how Toyota has managed to make these cars unable to be shifted into neutral or turned off. These people can manage to continue to drive at high speed, while making calls to 911, but can’t think of either of these simple solutions. There simply is no way to prevent idiots from driving.