Tom Smith reviews Schools for Misrule in Yale Alumni Magazine

I think the “bat virus reservoir” analogy may be an instant classic:

Walter Olson thinks that American law schools are the origin of some very bad ideas, in something like the way bats are said to be the reservoir of certain nasty viruses in Africa: the germs of pernicious concepts incubate there in relative obscurity between epidemics, erupting occasionally to spread destruction and misery. …

His histories of liability expansion, the role of wealthy private foundations, and international human rights law activism, as well as the ever potentially corrupting influence of money, amount to a sobering crash course in how bad things can happen to good schools and countries.

Reviewer Tom Smith is a law professor at the University of San Diego as well as a well known blogger. Since much of my critique in the book is aimed at Yale Law School itself, it will be interesting to see what sort of reaction he gets. (& Right Coast, Instapundit, Prof. Bainbridge).

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