Want to open a store? We choose your locations

“D.C. Mayor Vincent D. Gray delivered an ultimatum in a face-to-face meeting with Wal-Mart officials at a real estate convention Monday: If the chain wants to enter the District at all, it had better commit to opening at Skyland Shopping Center, the long-delayed redevelopment project in Gray’s home ward…. Gray indicated he would be willing to go so far as to nix the company’s requests for building permits on privately owned sites, even for neighborhoods where residents favored Wal-Mart’s opening.” [Washington Post, earlier]


  • Across the river, in Virginia.

    Suck on it, DC.

  • What a wonderful world, where our wise rulers get to make so many choices for us.

  • I stay at a hotel in Arlington when I go down to Washington, with a fine view across the river. Lots of easy transit there and much better traffic than downtown DC. A fine site for a big store to bring in business.


  • Walmart may be crazy like a fox. Doesn’t anyone think that with all this press, Virginia and Maryland aren’t falling all over themselves to hand over a choice piece of land right on the DC border? Same thing happened in Chicago: as soon as the costs got too high, Walmart build just over the border from Chicago in other, more welcoming cities.

  • Currently, the local papers are awash in stories regarding potentially illicit shenanigans, nepotism, political favors, etc. regarding Grey’s (young) administration…

    This sounds like just another…