• Not to cavil, but the ride isn’t wheel chair accessible. Will it be the target of a professional ADA plaintiff?

  • Florida strongly disfavors exculpatory liability releases but the courts will still enforce them if written clearly enough. Of course, there would be no need if assumption of the risk were still recognized as an absolute bar to liability.

  • @Chris Hoey: Would it count if they used maimed crocodiles and alligators?

  • Well if a 50 foot fall didn’t kill you, those alligators surely will. Most gators in the wild are deathly afraid of humans. One of our modern problems with large predators, such as gators, is that once they start associating humans with food, the animals can never go back into the wild. There are stories every day here in Florida where a gator has to be captured and killed, because the gator has been fed, even accidentally, by humans. As pointed out in the story, Gatorland takes in some of the larger and more interesting captured gators, so the population of gators you fly over are already predisposed to go after humans.

  • That’s a good point, marco73. Interestingly enough, many of the “accidental” feedings you refer to occur because people let their dogs loose near a body of water.

  • John B-

    Thanks for the needed laugh on a Friday morning. Please forward the necessary funds for me to replace my keyboard, as I was drinking my coffee as I was reading.

  • “This week on ‘You Bet Your Kids’…”

  • @Small government guy… you have a keyboard? I’m here in Florida, hand-crafting electrons and squeezing them through the intertubes.