Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

Congress is once again considering expanding an “anti-hacking” law that’s already disturbingly broad. Will users someday risk a felony rap for flouting websites’ Terms of Use? [Orin Kerr, Volokh]


  • Tor up my friends! A completely anonymous proxy (in addition to Tor) and anonymous e-mails would be nice too.

    This is how the Chinese live, and soon you Americans will be monitored just like them. As with anything, if you are stupid enough to get caught, you deserve it.

    This law will snag a bunch of low level hacker wannabees who are not computer savy for BS infractions which should ordinarily be contract disputes with a website’s posted policy. Anyone intent on taking out critical computers and will be soooo anonymous and spoofed that the feds will kick in the doors of an unsuspecting doofus and probably shoot them in the process.

    So much for the land of the free! God Save the Queen!

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