June 24 roundup

  • “Law Prof Threatens Suit over University’s Plan to Reinstitute Single-Sex Dorms” [ABA Journal, WSJ Law Blog; John Banzhaf vs. Catholic U. in Washington, D.C.]
  • Mississippi: Dickie Scruggs files motion to vacate conviction in Scruggs II (DeLaughter case) [Freeland, YallPolitics] Before defending Paul Minor’s conduct in cash-for-judges scandal, review the evidence [Lange, YallPolitics and more]
  • Woman who filmed cop from own yard charged with obstructing his administration of government [BoingBoing]
  • East St. Louis, Ill. jury awards $95 million in sexual harassment, assault case against Aaron’s rental chain [ABA Journal]
  • Connecticut unions demand investigation of conservative Yankee Institute think tank [Public Sector Inc.]
  • “Court Upends $1.75M Award, Finding Plaintiff Lawyer’s Remarks Prejudicial” [NJLJ]
  • Hold it! San Francisco debates bathroom rights for schoolkids [C.W. Nevius, SF Chronicle]

One Comment

  • “George Washington University law professor John Banzhaf has threatened a lawsuit over plans by Catholic University of America to bring back single-sex dorms.”
    Is he just doing this because he can; just because he wants to tweak the university?
    Housing single men and women separately is as old as time, has no negative impact, is not done for nefarious purpose, and has substantial benefits.
    If my kid feels the need for mixed housing, they can fork over the $200,000 college will cost. When the party is on dad’s ticket, I expect some house rules to be enforced by the school.